The Wonder goal in the NPFL this season hasn’t been conisdered since the start of the new season.

The VAT Wonder Goal which is sponsored by FIRS of Nigeria was given to players that score brilliant and wonderful goals every week.

Last season, every revenue gotten from the wonder goal was shared between a charity organization and the player at about 50%.

But this season, the wonder goal segment has been sidelined and we are wandering what happened to it.

Some leagues in the Africa have a functional segment dedicated to awarding players on their performance every weekend.

Like in England, there is the skysports power ranking, were players are ranked according to their performance during the week.

The NPFL structure in general does not support some functions, the marketing aspect of the league isn’t working hard on the league.

Every league requires a good marketing section, the NPFL is not on that list otherwise the wonder goal will be up and running every season.

The way it is right now, the wonder goal segment may not come up this season due to unknown reasons.

The NPFL currently operate an abridge season due to CAF’s transitional calender to favour the style adopted by Europe.

The uncertainties surrounding the kick off of the new season sidelined several aspects of the league.

As for the NPFL Wonder Goal, we may not see it this season.