Westham United held Premier League title hopefuls Liverpool to a 1-1 draw, an encounter that the reds were given the odds to win.

Liverpool scored first through Sadio Mane in the 22nd second minute before Mikel Antonia equalized for West Ham five minutes later.

In game where Liverpool were optimistic of carrying the day to increase the gap at the top, the home side had a different plan alltogether.

It was clear that, if Liverpool had won the game, they would have increased the point gap to five points.

But Manchester City on the other hand corrected their mistake by defeating Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium.

It was the turn of Liverpool to do the same. Dropping points in two games has proven to be costly for Liverpool.

The points gap initailly was seven, but Liverpool’s drop ensured the points were reduced to three. It would have been worse if Manchester city had won their game against Newcastle.

In a game were Manchester city fell short of options, Newcastle utilized the chances they had.

What went wrong during West Ham vs Liverpool

1. Lack of concentration was a problem: Liverpool had chances but could not convert those chances.

2. Victory before match: Even before the start of the match, there where conclusions that Liverpool had already won the game but West Ham as team is also fighting for a good place finish.

Liverpool wrote off West Ham, forgetting they’re a team also.

West Ham had a game plan and they executed there plan. Blocked their backline after scoring the equalizer.

3. Offside calls: There were offside calls in the game, Coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about the goal scored that was attributed to an offside goal.

4. Pitch (Fan sided): a fan blamed the loss due to the pitch, but that was far from reality. The pitch at Westham is great and one shouldn’t blame it on the pitch.