Manchester city head coach, Pep Guardiola says his team needs to be flawless in the remaining Premier League games.

The citityzens face a huge task in their title pursuit and if they are to win the Premier League, they’ll have to perform at their very best.

Pep Guardiola however admitted that the chances of Liverpool slipping up in their upcoming Premier League matches are slim and waht that means is that the cityzens will have to do their best.

During an interview with Manchester city TV, Guardiola said: I don’t see Liverpool dropping many points. They are going to demand us to be there.

What we think

Yeah. I think Manchester city have a huge task ahead, you see, Liverpool have got the best legs upfront and despite there injury woes, Klopp have been able manage his players.

Liverpool are a big side and are determined to win the league after several years of coming close to the title.

This is the chance they have and they’ll do there very best to get best out of the remaining Premier League games.

The team, the manager and backroom staffs are all determined to win the title.