Chelsea were mauled at the Etihad stadium after a ruthless Manchester city forward threw the balls into the back of the net of Chelsea.

It was more of a disastrous outing for Chelsea on sunday evening at the Etihad stadium as the blues failed to record a goal throughout the game.

Although it was predicted that Chelsea will loose to Manchester city as a result of Manchester city’s revenge approach and the fight for the title with Liverpool.

How the Pre-match build up went

Chelsea came back from a disappointing loss to AFC Bournemouth to beat Premier League strugglers Huddersfield Town.

Chelsea were also ruthless in the encounter with Huddersfield Town, marking Gonzalo Higuain’s Premier League entrace with two goals.

The goal rout was led by Eden Hazard and Gonzalo Higuain and everyone was predicting a fruitful partnership between the two players.

With Higuain and Hazard at Chelsea, most Chelsea fans where optimistic that Chelsea will go all out to prove a point against Manchester city at the Etihad stadium.

Looking back at the clash with Huddersfield Town, Huguain and Hazard were perfect upfront.

Now, going into the game, all hopes where high due to the availabilty of these palyers.
Manchester city 6-0 Chelsea – Chelsea Inview

Everything suddenly went wrong when Sergio Aguero scored in the 4th minute to give Manchester city the lead.

It was barely 30 minutes before Manchester city scored four goals past Chelsea.

The attackers were completely clueless, Higuain, Hazard were nowhere to be found.

When Gonzalo Higuain was signed, Most fans saw him as an attack saviour and indeed he justified that in the few games he had played.

But against Manchester city, Gonzalo Higuain was a totally different player.

In all, the Chelsea story is so pitiful, so much expectations on Gonzalo Higuain, but non was seen against Manchester city.

The sky blue side from Manchester needed the win against Chelsea to stay in contention of the Premier League after cutting the point gap from eleven to three points.

Gonzalo Higuain still has more roles to play at Chelsea, this is just the start of his stay at Chelsea.

Gonzalo Higuain scored almost 15 goals for AC Milan before making his move to Chelsea during the January transfer window.

It seems Sarri ball isn’t going down well at Chelsea, the players are yet to adapt fully to the Sarriball Philosophy.

According to Goal: ( Sorryball! Shambolic Chelsea face another crisis after City humiliation ) Sarri ball has been changed to sorry ball