Liverpool FC failed to win their last two Premier League games and their at the top of the table has been cut from 7 points to 3 points.

The attackers cannot produce goals comapared December and January and the goals they’ve have conceded at the back has increased.

This and others now raise the concern on Jurgen Klopp’s tactics, and now that they’re dropping points here and there, what is the guarantee that they can continue with their lead.

Held by Leicester City at Anfield, it was a result that no expected due to Leicester city’s recent form in the Premier League and a team that has failed to win matches, the questions are now rising.

Keeping up with the title requires consistency, you cannot call yourself a title contender and drop points in your matches.

Manchester city at back are pushing hard to meet Liverpool.

Consistency pays, infact it is your only lead if you want to win the league regardless of the situation on ground.

Liverpool’s latest slip up may end them up in a loosing position if they don’t bounce back on time.

Things We Saw

1. Tactics: Jurgen Klopp’s tactics are failing gradually this season. Think of it, whenever you hear of Liverpool this season, you know that they’ll win their match regardless of what happens.

But right now, the reverse seems to be the case, two draws in a row and the next maybe something worse.

2. Injuries: Injuries have been a major problem for Liverpool lately, but the Coach have used man management to procecute matches.

3. The number of goals conceded at the back is way too much, closest rival Manchester city have a healthy goal difference and if any by chance they are level on points, Manchester city will ride over them.

3. Concentration level: Not as much but the team’s concentration level needs to be checked.

In their last two matches, they have scored first but concended moments later.

You cannot be conceding goals when you have something at stake.

Liverpool needs to check all aspects of the team if they want to win the league this season.