The state of Leeds united right now is something quite understandable, but in some cases it may not be seen as such.

Leeds united are currently in state that requires an urgent attention, ranging from the coach, players and back room staffs.

Leeds united enjoyed the first half of the season as leaders, showing the class they are made off under the guidance of Marcelo Bielsa.

But since the Spygate issue came up, the team’s performance started dropping.

The winning mentality at the club has dropped, the coach may not look to be under pressure, but he is.

Loosing to Norwich city at home was the worst result they’ve gotten so far this season. Why? Because in a state were you need maximun points, you gave it out.

The reason why Norwich city accelerated themselves to top is consistency.

If you look at the teams performance, you’ll see that they’ve managed to get points wherever they are found.

Norwich city haven’t lost in their last four matches, all in the EFL Championship and that is a sign a true team that wants something out of what they searching for.

If Kalvin Phillips had not scored the late minute equalizer, Leeds could been counted out of the teams in the race for promotion.

Leeds united lost it the
monent they lost to Norwich city.

Spygate & how it’s affecting the club

As a professional team, spying against your opponents isn’t necessary as long as you have best players in your team that can deliver whenever they are called upon.

Right now, all eyes are on the team, the manager etc. The EFL Championship board are involved in the investigation process thus creating an unconducive atmosphere at the club.

The manager may not be concentrating fully on his job when he knows that there’s an investigation ongoing that may put his job on the line.

The spygate issue is kind of affecting the team. They are about to loose their position at the of the Championship table.

Norwich have a game in hand against Ipswich Town. On paper, this is a must win game considering the position of Ipswich Town.

If Nowich wins, they’ll be 60 points at the top of the EFL Championship table and two points better than Leeds.

So, how can Leeds united recover there already lost position when they’ve failed to win important matches?