Hamburger SV face yet another tough test away at Heidenheim as the fight for promotion tightens at the top of table

Leading the 18-man table is not a guarantee of getting an automatic promotion at the end of the campaign.

Hamburg pip Dynamo Dresdan last week to maintain there four points lead over closest team FC Cologne.

Hamburg have chance to increase it further if they can manage a win against Heidenheim.



1 J. Pollersbeck 4 R. van Drongelen 5 D. Bates 7 K. Narey 8 L. Holtby 10 P. Lasogga 18 B. Jatta 25 O. Mangala 27 J. Vagnoman 28 G. Jung 41 B. Özcan


1 K. Müller 2 M. Busch 6 P. Mainka 7 M. Schnatterer 8 R. Andrich 9 R. Glatzel 10 N. Dovedan 18 S. Griesbeck 30 N. Theuerkauf 33 T. Beermann 36 N. Dorsch 1 J. Pollersbeck