Pep Guardiola is not giving up on his desire to win the Premier League title this season amid Liverpool’s lead at the top.

The coach has insisted that Manchester city have a claim on the league title when the season comes to an end.

Earlier, Pep Guardiola urged his players to be fautless in their approach to the remaining Premier League games.

He told his players to take the remaining games as it come thus avoiding poor results in fixtures they are suppose to make an impact.

Manchester city currently trail Liverpool at the top by three points after cutting the lead from the initial seven.

Manchester city capitalized on Liverpool’s drop to cut the lead to three points.

Quoting Guardiola: will be ‘there’ at the end of the season.

But looking at what he said, he sounded as if he wasn’t serious about what he said.

However the reality is, Manchester city are keeping tabs on Liverpool, ensuring that no further slip happens on the way.

Liverpool have dropped four points so far in their last two games and if Manchester city had won their game againts Newcastle back in matchday 24, the tide could have changed.

Manchester city are chasing to meet Liverpool at the top, and if Liverpool drop points along the way, Manchester city may leapfrog them to the top.