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How it started

Sitevanguard was founded in 2017 as Sitech by Ibiye Ambille Obey with the sole aim of delivering writing contents that will engage and educate others in way that will be understood.

The Sitevanguard was a technology news site before its transition into Sports with a key focus on football.

About Sitevanguard

Sitevanguard is an ambitious Sports Media effort founded to examine the activities happening in our ever entaining football world. We live in a word that has ushered in several revolutions in our himan existence, ranging from transportation, health etc.

Sitevanguard covers the Latest news from the English Premier League, English Football League Championship, Scottish Premiership, Nigeria NPFL, Transfers and more.

More on our coverage

Premier League

Sitevanguard covers latest news from the English Premier League ranging from team news, fans reaction, transfers involving premier league teams, tv guide, authors opinions, insight and sometimes Match Report.

English Football League Championship

Sitevanguard covers latest news from the EFL Champions which includes team news, player performance, manager’s views, tv guide, opinions and player transfers.

Scottish Premiership

Latest news from the Scottish Professional Football League including transfers and author views.

Nigeria NPFL

Sitevanguard covers latest news from the Nigerian Professional Football League, Previews and author views

Core Values We Operate On

1. Uniqueness

2. Approachable

3. Friendly

4. Transparent

5. Passionate

6. Respectful

Our Aim

Our aim at Sitevanguard is to produce quality news and information that will impact positively and educate the our ready.

What’s New On Sitevanguard

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