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Update: Call Recording Disabled On Nokia 6.1 With Android 9



nokia ships nokia 3.1 to nigeria

The call recording feature on Nokia 6.1 was working fine on the previous version of android that shipped with the phone (Oreo) but with the recent android 9 update, the call recording feature has disappeared leaving us to wonder why this was so.

The thing is when it was shipped with oreo, the call recording feature was working fine. But some nokia 6.1 users started experiencing the disappearance as soon as they upgraded to Android 9 Pie.

But why the disappearance, is it a case of compatibility or what? We don’t get it. A feature is made available on a version then whenever another version comes the same version disppears.

Android 9 Pie completely isolated the call recording feature that being said even if the recording feature appears during the call session, the recorded voice is not saved. This issue is pushing us to believe that Android 9 Pie is aggresive to remote calls.

Nokia 6.1 users running the original version of the smartphone which was Oreo can attest to the fact that the call recording feature was working fine. That being said the only solution to that maybe rooting but rooting isn’t a good idea at all.

The deal breaker is android 9 isn’t compatible with nokia 6.1 call recording feature. Upon the arrival of android 9, several thirdparty call recoder app developers stated that their apps will no longer work, and that the only solution is rooting.

Rooting maybe a good option but too risky for your phone and may void warranty. If you plan to use the call recording feature, the you need stick to Oreo and forget about upgrading to Android 9 Pie

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