T-Mobile Online Support Can Help Unlock Your OnePlus 6T


After series of fears and some unboxing therapy here and there it has been made clear that you can actually unlock your OnePlus 6T smartphone for good.

With the web support from T-mobile, you can unlock your OnePlus 6T smartphone.

But the smartphone unlock has some limitation as it is based on mutual agreement between you and the support team. According to T-mobile, you can only unlock your smartphones if you are travelling outside the operating area of T-Mobile.

If the customer have at least a year tenure and has made two EIP payments, then an unlock request can be submitted. You can get your EIP payments when you purchase the smartphone from the payment plan.

However you will have to wait for 30 days if you have the unlock apps on your smartphone that is to say after the 30 days expiration you can order for the unlock and your device will be unlocked.

Note: if you bought your smartphone from OnePlus, then it should be unlocked for you but if it was at BS, then you have to wait till the 30 days tenure to expire. Again the best option is to buy the smartphone directly from OnePlus, because with that there will be no need for unlock beacuse already they are free from any bloatwares.

The benefits of purchasing from T-Mobile is only the discounted price, but why spend your precious cash on a customized smartphone when you are free to use it with any carrier by purchasing the original version. Simply put the deal was only meant for T-Mobile users and not for the masses.

The best you should do if you want to get the very best from OnePlus 6T is to buy directly from OnePlus. Looking at the features you should not compromise it with a single carrier.


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