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OnePlus USB-C Headphones Are Now Available


OnePlus has finally made the USB-C bullet headphones available for customers.

With the look of things, the USB C bullet headphone may not cost much as expected by users. This is a major step forward towards the abandonment of headphone jacks with the attention to USB C headphones meaning you can perform all your accessory demands from a single port.

USB C bullet headphones has come to stay with 2019 around the corner, new smartphones may embrace the USB C headphones.

Headphone jack have been used for many years now and smartphone manufacturers are most likely shifting their attention in favour of USB C headphones.

But some users are still emphasizing on the need to stick with headphone jacks, some say they aren’t good enough compared to the normal headphone jacks. As OnePlus fully embrace USB-C headphones, the talk is about the compatibility, originally USB port were not designed to carry out audio analogue input but OnePlus has found a way to replace the headphone jacks with USB C headphone and their future smartphones may fully switch to USB-C headphones.


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