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OnePlus 6T Review: Good Battery Performance



oneplus 6t smartphone is out

The OnePlus 6T was officially launched at the end of october and currently it has gotten so much highs and at some point a low point. The smartphone has some quality features to spice up your daily smartphone activities.

Today we are reviewing the battery life of the smartphone. The OnePlus 6T smartphone has a battery life capable keeping you up to 12 hours of screen time i.e standby usage without the need for external power source. Although may not be seen as near perfect with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 but still has a quality battery life to keep you at bay.

OnePlus worked hard on the battery performance so as to keep their fans happy and also to greather improve user experience. Like we said earlier it may still not be compared to the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the 2017-18 Gionee range of smartphones but it promises you better up time without the need for an external power source.

What this means is you can stream videos for 4 hours with a little audio in the mix for 2 hours, standby call and little aspect of android gaming maybe not for a very long time.

OnePlus 6T may progress far with the battery performance it has, in 2018 if the battery standard is low then the market share is expected to drop after the initial launch but OnePlus a small but big Company has taken the bold move to ensure that their customers deserve the very best in terms of battery performance.

Going further we are so impressed with the battery performance of the OnePlus 6T smartphone.It is a big bet that you’ll get the worth of your money. Curious? You can order for one although currently some countries may not have it but the smartphone is already in india, china and the US. Or you can order for yours through Amazon or any online outlet and shipped through DHL straight to your home.

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