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Nokia 6.1 Now Run On Android 9



nokia ships nokia 3.1 to nigeria

Upon the introduction of android pie, most smartphone manufacturers never looked at the way of android 9. Not a bad android version but one of the best android version ever with Machine learning and improved performance. The latest is the Nokia 6.1 smartphone has finally gotten android 9 pie, certainly not bad but it is a good news for nokia 6.1 users. With the best android 9 offers you do more with your smartphone without restriction.

Android Pie Short Review

Android was released with much hope on improved software performance and better hardware compaitibility. One good thing is most android smartphone manufacturers has continously supported their old phones with constant update and security patch.


* Adaptive battery feature that maximizes battery performance.

* Improved gesture controls

* Better dark mode on android

* Easy switching from two apps without hitches

* New battery saver icon and colour and more.

But with all these things, people still see the android 9 as a downgrade from oreo, but looking at it critically android 9 performs better than Oreo. Some users complain about the memory management issue of the update. But the great news is Nokia 6.1 now has android 9 running on it. As a user, you can upgrade at anytime. Android pie is working well on their smartphones and yours won’t be an exception, simply upgrade to it and see the performance. But still not convinced with your Nokia 6.1? You can check out the reviews on Android 9. The update was released yesterday.

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