Nokia 6.1 Android 9 Pie Review


The android P version of android operating system has finally reached the Nokia 6.1 smartphone an this our complete review with expected performance hightlighted.

The Android 9 Pie is officially available for Nokia 6.1 smartphone and we are giving a good thumbs to nokia for their approach towards new software implementation and they are the first android smartphone manufacturer to ship Android 9 pie to their older smartphones.

The update is also available for Nokia 6.1 plus so you can check for the update section and update to Android 9 Pie.

In this update, nokia and google added a little bit of touch to the softaware to give the best experience.


The Nokia 6.1 with android 9 Pie, the boot rate is much more faster compared to Oreo. The booting speed has been improved with a new User Interface.

The notifications icons have changed unlike the previous operating system, also the volume and power options have completely changed. What we have now is new software on older hardware, Android 9 Pie update has completely changed the user experience of Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1 Plus.

The New icons are part of google’s 2018 material design, and i can bet that you’ll love the looks of those icons on your smartphone. I’m pretty sure you didn’t get to see this on the previous operating system, we are very impressed with the user interface of Android 9 Pie and what it offers .

On android 9 Pie 2018, google completely changed the apps using material designs which has completely changed the user interface such as the google camera app, messenger and more.

Everything has been made easy for you with Android 9 Pie. The “Settings” options has changed completely and now what you see is options like,
* Gestures, swipping from apps and recents apps.

Android 9 Pie is currently available on Google Pixel 3L, a smartphone that offers machine learning see the review Here.

Android 9 Pie offers different colours. Also the new features include Battery adaptability, DnD mode and more via the settings option.


Android 9 Pie is much more faster than Oreo in terms of opening and and closing apps, animations.

With Android 9 Pie, your battery performance will improve compared to Oreo. Basically, if you want the best out of your Nokia 6.1 2018 then you should consider upgrading to Android 9 Pie because it offers more compared to Oreo. The android operating system isn’t battery friendly but with the machine learning capabilities Pie has, your smartphone performance on every aspect will change. You are definitely going to like it. Simply upgrage to android 9 pie by checking the update section on your smartphone.


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