No Headphone Jack Policy, OnePlus Now In The Mix


No headphone jack, OnePlus now in the mix.

The removal of headphone jacks by smartphone manufacturers is gradually gaining adoption. The use of headphones are now seen as inconveniences by smartphone manufacturers to users. Notch and no notches is another area too. The lastest smartphone manufacturer to enter the no no notch policy is OnePlus with the introduction of OnePlus 6T without an headphone which was replaced by a USB Type-C converter.

But why other manufacturers isn’t diving into the drive of headphone removal, headphone jacks has been there for some time, majority of the smartphones in the martket now has the headphone jack.

But the recent move by Xiaomi and others signals the potential removal of headphone jack from phones in the coming years. Just like apple who recently upgraded its usual port to a USB-C port with the introduction of the iPad Pro at the apple event.

Obviously the usb of headphone may change the way our smartphones look, like using a single port to carry out all input and output task. With the headphone jacks extra ports are made available however with this your smartphone will only have a single hole for input/output task.

Looking back, the Nokia Sirocco smartphone has no headphone and looked very nice. But nokia and HMD isn’t looking at the way of completely removing the headphone audio jack. But with the look of thinks, from 2019 most smartphone manufacturers may completely switch to no headphone jack policy.

Advantages of Headphone Jack Removal

The removal of headphone jack will mean alot for users, if you’ve noticed over the years the headphone jack usually develop issues after sometime due to damage of connecting elements inside the headphone port as a result whenever headphones are plugged in, the smartphone cannot recognize the headphone. But the introduction of the USB Type-C converter may change that scenario for good, with one port you can perform all task.


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