It Is A Phone/Tablet: Samsung Developers Reveal


It’s A Phone/Tablet According To Samsung Developers

The current discussion across various tech platforn is on the samsung foldable device which has the ability to act like a smartphone and at the same time act like a tablet. Samsung developers further highlighted that the multi function device will run google’s android operating system and on that note google has also stated that the android operating system will natively support foldable devices.

A real deal breaker, the foldable device is capable of resisting wear and tear with a perfect screen from opening and closing.

The perfection on this device is truly worth considering. Looking at it, the foldable device is expected to be folded for 300,000 times before a drop in brightness will be noticed and that being said the foldable device is capable of resisting wear and tear for a long time even long enough before you go for an upgrade.

The foldable phone/tablet has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years and only a joker can fold and unfold the device for over several times in a day. But the average user is expected to fold and unfold about 20 to 30 times a day, but the device will experience a significant drop in brightness once it exceeds 300,000 folds and unfolds.

But the nature of the device may tempt you to fold and unfold it for over several times a day without even knowing that you are playing around with it. Only a serious minded user can keep it that long even after the lifespan has exceeded.

Hitting the 300,000 times fold/unfold is hard to get no matter how you make use of it. But what about the screen from the middle point, you know that whenever you fold, the centre becomes the base and the entire pressure mounts at the centre and this can also result in drop. Some concerns we have include the provision of cases and scratches it may incur although samsung has stated that it can resist wear and tear.

The smartphone is seen as a quickfire response by samsung to Apple’s iPhone XR.


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