Huawei Mate 20 Pro Camera Review: Best In Potrait Mode


Huawei Mate 20 Pro Potrait Mode Is Incredible

The smartphone has an awsome camera that cannot be sidelined even though you may think that Google Pixel 3 XL currently has the best camera available. But you just cannot take it away from the fact that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro has an awsome camera experince on potrait.

Have you tried using the camera in potrait mode?, it just looks too awsome. The improvement in camera has been the only competition in 2018, honestly i must say that apart from samsung who is seen as the leader of smartphone manufacturers in 2018, others are still queuing in despite the huge competition.

Although the potrait mode isn’t as perfect the you may expect but the camera is totally amazing. In sunlight the camera looks awsome from our point of view but what we are thinking is, is it going to perform the same way in humid weather conditions?

Unlike the Google Pixel 3 XL that automatically adjust to the weather condition and still output the original picture to you. The Mate Pro camera is capable of isolating object thus creating a focus on the object it is pointed to.

Do you know that in Google Pixel 3 XL you can isolate your peers in a group snapshot? Yes it is true, whenever you are taking a picture you can actually isolate others and keep your original picture, that be being said google Pixel 3 XL has a flawless camera compared to others in 2018. Maybe the Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone XR could perform the same too.

The Mate Pro Camera has a depth accuracy, own a Mate 20 Pro, you can check it out right now. Huawei is improving by the day and they may become the next samsung but maybe not a fast as samsung. In 2018 samsung showed their dominance in the smartphone world with steady unveiling of quality smartphone with quality front camera and rear cameras.


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