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Google Fixes Google Play Music Bug



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Google has finally fixed the error faced by Google Play Music users. The bug prevented users from accessing the Google Play Music app with a notification claiming that a user has registered over 10 devices thus prevented alot of users from fully accessing features of the App.

Google finally fixed the issue, users can now fully access the app with out the initial restrictions. Althought the bug was not found on PC users but only android and tablet users.

You can check if the issue has been resolved on your phone. Simply swipe to your apps then click on the Google Play Music icon.

According to google, the issue has been fixed accross all devices.

Google play music isn’t getting the desired attention by google instead they focus on others. Google play music cannot compete with apple music and spotify.

The state of google play music deserves a complete overhaul that is a complete redesign if it hopes to compete with other music services. Google being a tech giant and the owner of android isn’t utilizing that opportunity to make the google play music compete with others. Google ships the google play music on every version of android but they are failing to optimized that chance to make it compete.

Majority of android users intead of using the google play music prefer other thirdparty music services. Google is gradually killing google play music and it may cause problems for them. Being the default music app for android, google supposed to have worked on it so as to become the prefered choice rather than thirdparty apps.

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