Colour Watch: Google Pixel 3 XL


One thing that has never been a big problem for us is the colour of our smartphones, although there are some people that will never attempt to use flashy colours, but the mott colours used by smartphone manufacturers are white, pink, cyan, red, green, blue and black which is the most used colour today.

Looking at the google Pixel 3XL, the colours look perferct for you. The smartphone by google offers you the best ranging from its AI camera and photography plus the improved selfie experience although it did witnessed some hardware issues like the audio hise from some users end.

The google Pixel 3XL isn’t bad as the way it was criticize on major smartphone blogs. The phone offers the best like constant update by google for a period of two to three years.

The Pixel 3XL colours looks good for me although i dont know from your end but the two colours below looks perfercty from a smartphone of 2018. The guaranteed update by google is something that should really turn you on, you get constant security patch and update to help curb bugs.

Pixel 3XL is already out for preorder so you grab one for yourself and enjoy the AI camera


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