Bad Pixel 3 XL? You can order for a good Pixel 3 XL


The release of the google Pixel 3XL smartphone was greeted by mixes feelings with an overhype but in some quarters the smartphone fell short of its praises. As a result google created a way to allow users order for replacement device in case their smartphone develop issues..

But you wouldn’t expect all hardwares to be perferct, this is electronics and no matter how you try perfecting it, you will still have some drawbacks. But with google, you can order for a replacement device that will replace your troubled device.

Some problems Google Pixel 3XL owners faced was the audio, the ringtones weren’t sounding clear and playing music can be annoying as it was difficult to hear the lyrics clearly. Also some users faced the issue of google’s OEM case buttons.

But the flawless feature is on the camera, the google Pixel 3XL has an AI enebled camera that can fit to any weather condition, adapting to colours and adjusting performance according to your location.

But google still have alot to do if they really want the success of the Pixel 3 XL smartphone. Users are constantly complaining hitches they experience on their smartphone and this never mean good business for google that hope’s to compete. Honestly google isn’t taking the advantage it has on android. Android is owned by google, they decide on what happens but on all their smartphones they’ve failed to optimize android to fit their smartphones.

But they’ve improved on the camera, right now the Pixel 3 XL boost of being among the best smartphone cameras of 2018.

Google has promised to fix major issues found on the pixel 3XL smartphone with the November update. The major problem is on the sound quality, the speakers and volumes, hopefully the november update will fix them.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of your new Pixel 3XL device, you can order for a replacement from google. They will send a new smartphone to you.


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