Apple Watch 4: Ceramic To Stainless


Ever thought of the look of apple watch series 4? Previously in series 3, the smartwatch had full ceramic body but it seems apple is making a shift towards embracing stainless as its core material for their smartwatch design.

But the ceramic body looked even better than the new stainless right now. Currently, the’ve moved the ceramics unto the bottom of the smartwatch.

Well maybe what apple see’s is inconveniences, smartwatches are not supposed to be heavy, they are meant to be lighter accessory. Now if you compare the weight level between ceramic and stainless you’ll see a big difference. The ceramic weigh higher than the steel. So Apple has decided to make use of steel on the body of the watch thus shifting the usual ceramic down to the bottom.

With this, the series 4 smartwatch is more ligther than series 3. Also the cost of production using ceramic is a bit higher compared to steel plus the sales apple got last year with the ceramic watches was very low.

Instead, the use of steel is the only option right now. Looking at it from this perspective, the use of steel may increase sales compared to ceramics. The production process of apple watch using ceramics is a bit tedious and time consuming plus the worth it returned was very low.

In a whole review, the apple series 4 smartwatch is an improvement ranging from design to hardware and software which of course took apple engineers and designers a lot of time in the process.

The improvement seen on the apple series 4 smartwatch is awsome indeed, the smartwatch has the ability to call 911 whenever it feels you are in distress, a unique feature that is laudable.

Again the switch from ceramic to stainless, is really about the weight? Don’t you think the stainless watches are heavier than the ceramic watches? The say is the cost of production using ceramics but that being said the new innovation is laudable.

The improvement on the series 4 smartwatch is okay for apple and the smartwatch users.


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