Advanced Reboot is back on OOS 9.O.2 update for OnePlus 6


The Oxygen OS 9.0.2 update yesterday brought back the Advanced reboot option on OnePlus 6 smartphone. Before the feature was not there and Advanced reboot option was never seen but thanks to the November 1 update.

The feature has made the interface of the smartphone much more better than before, if you are still on the old interface you can simply upgrade to the latest update.

You can update via oxygen updater or via a VPN, also you can make use of a WiFi connection for faster download. When you’ve updated the latest 9.0.2 version you’ll have access to Netscape, dark mode and advanced reboot

In the new update, Netscape dark mode also returned making it two advanced features for the OnePlus 6.

What we saw is little flaw in the gestures, dragging apps isn’t working as fluid unlike before. But switching between two apps is more faster than before with the new update.
Also looks like split screen isn’t supported by some apps but you can force apps to support the feature by simple configuration in Developer Mode


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