2018 iPad Pro, Second Thinnest and Cooler


The 2018 iPad Pro is seen as the second thinnest device ever made by apple over the years of the of iPad and iPhone generation.
Comparing the 2018 iPad Pro to the 7th generation iPad Nano device, you can bet that the 2018 iPad Pro is the real deal and you should try to own one.

The 2018 iPad Pro is some thing you are really going to love if you get your hands on it. A super thinner device with a thin frame with a huge battery that can keep you upto 14-16 hours

The major improvements this year is focused on the extra battery life it offers, with this device staying up for as long you want is even possible than before, the extra battery life will ensure that you never miss your favourite shows. So in the absence of power you can still run your device for upto 16 hours after it has attained full charge initially.

The 2018 iPad Pro is something you would really want to own. It is a classic device weighing about 22 ounces. The introduction of USB charger now mean you can connect a USB power pack to your iPad when the power runs out. Compared to older iPads, the 2018 iPad Pro have a smaller bezzel.

Generation of thin apple devices (Up-Down

* iPhone 6 with 6.9mm
* iPad Mini with 6.1mm
* iPad Pro 2017 with 6.1mm
* iPad Air 2 with 6.1mm
* iPad Touch 5/6th gen 6.1mm
* iPad Pro 2018 with 5.9mm
* iPod Nano 7th gen with 5.4mm

Now you see that the 2018 iPad Pro is the second thinnest Apple device ever released.


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