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Windows 10 October Update Brings Your Phone Experience To The Fullest


Windows 10 october update come’s with an entirely different and interesting feature known as “Your Phone Experience”.

The “Your Phone Experience” is a windows 10 based application developed by microsoft to help you connect your smartphone with your Laptop, desktop computer as the case may be.

The app is much more simpler and easier to use even as a beginner on windows 10 PCs.

The your phone experience allows you share pictures with friends, recieve text messages from people and in the process send messages using your windows 10 PC through your smartphone.


1. Ability to send messages

2. Ability to recieve messages

3. Ability to share pictures.

To do this, you’ll have to ensure that your smartphone and the windows 10 PC are connected on the same WiFi network.

One great feature with the windows 10 app, whenever you take pictures, the picture goes directly to your smartphone gallery.

Then, if you make a refresh on your windows 10 PC, it automatically contacts your phone and the new pictures you’ve taken will show up.

With the windows 10 app, you can easily save pictures on your phone directly to your Laptop PC. The feature is officially rolling out this october.

The feature works smoothly with iPhone and Android devices. However it works perfectly more on android smartphones due to special permissions. Be sure to have a smartphone with Android 7 or later inorder to enjoy it.


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