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Windows 10 2018 October Update: Introducing Smart Clipboard


Windows 10 october update promises lots of important and new features. Recntly we highlighted the Your Phone Experience which can turn your smartphone into a laptop computer with a simple and easy interface that puts you in control of every aspect of the app.

On the “Your Phone Experince” feature, you can send text messages and reply messages on your laptop through your smartphone as they come.

Today we shall highlight the Smart clipboard features on the window 10 october update.

The new feature that wiill be rolling out on the windows 10 october update is the new smart clipboard which gives users a better way to use the windows clipboard in an entirely different way.

Like whenever a user copy a text or a picture, there is a central place were all the files you’ve copied are kept and at the same time the smart clipboard acts as a cloud clipboard.

This is much more different from the old clipboard found on windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. What this means, whenever you copy a file, text or pictures with the intention of pasting them on a particular location by holding the combination keyboard keys

Win10 Key + V

to paste the file,the cloud clipboard will be presented to you with your files on it.

A cool feature for everyone which uses windows Accessory tools or you can call it “Ease of Access” tools.

The cool thing about this is that you can keep what you’ve copied even if you’ve restarted your laptop or cleard the clipboard history i.e auto pinning

The pinned items on the clipboard will be available on PCs running windows 10 with the same version installed on them.

You can also unpin the files from your clipboard.

The screen sketch or the windows snipping tool save’s all your snipes to the clipboard.

Whenever to want to perform any task by pressing the combination keys

Win10 Key + V,

the operating system will prompt a message asking you if you want to activate the clipboard.

If you want to use the clipboard, then you have to select the “Yes Option”. The smart clipboard can easily synchronise with other windows 10 PCs running the same versions

Photo: Windows Central


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