Win10 Oct. Update Deleting Zip Files. How Microsoft Handles It


It has been confirmed that the windows 10 october update is deleting Zip files which is kind of strange. We cannot stop talking about this bug from the preview build. Microsoft however haulted the release of the october update and we waiting for microsoft to re-release the october update to windows 10 users.

According to microsoft insiders, early 2019 a new windows update will be released.

The problem is currently being worked on by microsoft engineers. What we think about it is that microsoft has got some problem with the way they are processing these things and is beginning to cause problems for them.

So, were is the new era they are looking for to create enhanced environment for greather productivity with the release of the most secured windows operating system ever? so you begin to wonder if microsoft is serious about what they doing.

I think the major problem is the way Microsoft handles everything from processing to debugging and release. Microsoft have a code base and they do a short test to add new features and at that point no test is carried out.

And they lay it later into a testing centre were testing take’s place for a long time which is not a good way to test features.

The new win10 update reproduces and overwrites existing zip files without nofitying the user about the change or either silently failing and doing nothing to the extraction process.
The good news we’ve got is that the problem has been seen by Microsoft officials and an official stated on twitter that the problem has been fixed.

Right now we are waiting for microsoft to release the next security update so that we can conclude on this. – Tech


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