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Why Systrom & Mike Leaft Instagram and The Way forward


Why Systrom & Mike Left Instagram And The Way Forward

This was pretty much not expected but it is true, the founder of instagram announced it last week that they will be leaving instagram and finally they’ve kissed goodbye to the company.

This was as a result of Mark Zuckerberg’s interference on instagram affairs which was not welcomed by the people in charge at instagram.

Ben Thompson actually said to kevin systrom that he is never the CEO of instagram and that he is a product creator and if he want’s to become a CEO, he has to own a business out of it.

But the question lies, why resign? Dose it call for that?

Instagram itself is doing very well from its Ads and the problem may not be unconnected with Zuckerberg’s intention to take all of facebook and apply the same way on instagram.

Instagram has been working towards protecting the interest of its users. I think is just an attempt by facebook to make the two companies work with the same principle.

Don’t you think facebook need Kevin systrom and mike to walk together for the sake of achieving a common goal.

Well Mark zuckerberg want’s to control every part and become the boss controlling all the shares of the two companies. With the two co-founders out of the way, it may become difficult for instagram.

The problem that caused the break away by the two co-founders was that, systrom was annoyed and things ain’t working the way they are supposed to be.

Should we say that kevin systrom and mike kriegor left because they ain’t business men? If that may be the case, i think is all wrong, instagram is making profits and they are on a steady rise in growth.

Another problem was that on instagram, the users are seen as custoners while on facebook the users are seen as products.

Well, kevin is a business man and he could go on and startup a new business and run it to become successful.

On monday, facebook announced Adam mosseri as the new CEO of instagram which is seen as a step in the right direction after the exit of the co-founders

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