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Why Google Play Music Is Another Option To Try Out


Why Google Play Music Is Another Option To Try Out

For years now, Google music has been on the radar for so many music lovers, although not as much compared to Apple Music and Spotify.

The music streaming service provided by Google is totally fine and working normal as other streaming services. Although for most people, google play music is not the top notch for them.

Apple music is among the top choice for most users alongside Spotify and pandora which was cut on the line following recent takeover by Sirius XM.

Google Play Music is not totally bad as you think. It is simple to use although it lacks some features found on other streaming services. But that being said it is still an option to try out.

It might interest you to know that Goople Play Music is integrated into Google Assistant which has made it to standout.


What we’ve found out is that Google Play music is depreciating slowly but there’s no notice, but the service is not getting the needed attention by google and this is as a result of recent move to favour Youtube Music.

And if it continues this way, google music may die down.
This is something not encouraging for users, if google want’s to compete more with Apple Music and the rest, then they should consider working on google music.

The Disscusion

Google working in favour of Youtube Music could mean good or even worse for Google Play Music and it should be a concern to users of Google Music.

One standout monent we’ve seen as an improvement is the integration with Google Assistant and Google Home. With this, Google Music is slightly better than Apple music, spotify etc.

But don’t take it away from these services because they are the most sought out for.
Spotify give’s users on the “Student Discount” about 4.99 which offers Hulu and Showtime for free. Well this kind of another great deal that worth considering.

If Google Discontinue the Google Play Music service they will create a huge cut-off of many users enjoying the Assistant and Home Integration. But what can we say when google is’nt paying much attention to Google Play Music.

google music wikipedia
Pics Showing Google Music UI

A concern for us is, Google ships Google Play Music on most android devices, but the performance is not upto per.

Several users opt to other third party streaming app. Google owns the most popular Mobile Operating System and the most used Mobile operating system in the world, yet it’s Music service bundled with the Operating sytem is not grabbing the much needed attention from users.

I think people see Google Play Music as local music app and instead opt for other services.


Competing with the best requires lots of improvement. If google play music requires attention, the owners need to work very hard. Apple and Spotify are the top choice because there is so much care.
Google Play Music requires some upgrades and if such upgrades are carried out, then Google Play Music can compete with rest.


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