Typeshift Android Game Review


Typeshift Android Game Review

Typeshift android game is a simple android puzzle game found in Google Play Store. The game is a word puzzle capable bringing the best out of you. If you are an android gamer then this is best for you.

The world puzzle game is kind of more advanced than the crossword and others. Not known by many but it is a very interesting puzzle game you should play.

The gameplay is totally different from other word puzzle games around. In Typeshift what you see is several lines numbering upto 6 and different letters on each of them.

The classic version of the game has an objective were you are to find words within the lines. The difficulty level of the game is quite different from other word puzzles.

In this the level is tweaked a little bit that is whatever level you are there will be clues to help you get to your highscore.

A very simple and easy to play puzzle word game for android gamers which can make you spend time playing without noticing that you’ve spent alot of time in the process. It is a brain teaser game for sure.

It has a minimal design and interesting colours too and the developers made it free for all although you can still buy some packs if you want the best out of the game.

But if buying isn’t your thing then you can stick around with the free pack.

Word puzzle games are brain teasing games capable of making the game player think at a far level and find solutions to solve problems.

For players of Cross word, bogul etc. This is a hybrid version and you should consider swithcing to this if you want the best from word puzzle games.

Typeshift is available on Google Play Store and you can download for free.

Photo credi2: Google Play Store


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