Twitter looses 9 million users


They’ve lost 9 million users, what next?

Twitter reportedly looses 9 million users, a story currently making rounds on the internet and our SV Breaker wants to take a critical look at the issue

The loss of the 9 million users was as a result of the removal of 9 million accounts due to what they called “get rid of the bots” and the question is who are these bots? The removal of these accounts resulted in the drop of its initial 335 million users to 326 in total signals a huge drop.

But the suprising thing is that the users they lost never resulted to a loss in revenue. But twitter shouldn’t get comfortable with this. So far as the internet is concerned, everytime you loose a visitor or a user, your revenue drops slightly.

But twitter as a big company isn’t going to get the feel of this until a certain period. Now when the cambridge Analytica came up facebook’s revenue dropped slightly and the recent 29 million hack currently threatens facebook revenues.

Twitter on the other hand is kind of free from these hacks. But how dose the bots they refer to affect them and are they really bot?

[Amos: Yes they are bots and you know bots are written based on algorithms, big companies, sales companies make use of these bots to sell products and look for marketable ventures also companies do use these bots to get statistics and build up data to solve their own problems and perhaps the ban on bots could stop some companies from doing these things.

But honestly i do think that twitter isn’t making the wrong move. Maybe they saw that hackers may use these bots to cause problems on the platforms and of course you know that hackers are threats to any business once they target you, they’ll want to bring you down and steal your money”

Well said there, but don’t you think it is going to affect the overall user base on twitter, i mean they could potentially loose human users too. Twitter is kind of focusing on targeting its ads and these ads are generating huge revenue for them. Maybe they are trying to prevent outsiders from using their platforms as an easy means. What do you think

Well i get your point but your users are your users and you just cannot stop them from doing some certain task. Even if you stop bots from crawling twitter, people that wants to advertise would still look for ways to advertise.

Twitter seems to be going in for the GDPR compliance policy as they’ve dropped the deal for the usage of twitter over SMS, something that has been there for long. Although twitter stated that the total daily users on twitter has risen compared to last year.

“True, it is expected to rise because we all know that twitter is an open platform compared to facebook that allows everything to be kept secret. On twitter people get the chance to follow up current topics from around the world or even those close to them so you see that twitter is great platform made open for people to explore.

Also the recent facebook hack may not be unconneted with twitter’s daily user rise.

People now see twitter as more safer. Even google’ s own Google Plus was also in a hacking dilema and Google Plus active user base is decreasing by the day.

But honestly seeing is believing, twitter is on a rise and is seen as the prefered choice for most people that wishes to see the latest hot topics. But why twitter alone when we have reddit too?

“Yeah there is reddit but you still cannot compare the way twitter operate to how reddit is. On reddit you get to see topics and post from top websites and blogs all sharing their own ideas. But twitter is very much different, twitter allows you to see and discuss current topics and activities with a single click by simply clicking the Trends button. So you see twitter is more preferred”

Twitter enforcing a ban on bots, is a move towards protecting privacy, potential hacks and revenue protection.


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