The X Files: Movie Review


Movie Review: The X Files

In the good old days of X files movie series it was seen as the great deal movie that everyone would love to watch or have glimpes of the movie.

You cannot take it away that X files was the great deal. Fans love it and wouldn’t care much of what people might say. A movie for the classics.

Although it recently caught some some slacks but without arguements the movie i still great to watch.

The first season of the movie wasn’t quite interesting at all. But as it progressed far everything changed for the movie.

The movie attracted several interest across the entertainment world. Nonethtless it is still regarded as a top movie out there.

Looking back, the second, third and fourth was okay but the rise to predomance was started from fifth and sixth season.

As a usual thing for fans, the movie started to get some dislikes especially the mythology arcs, which is still the best episodes the movie has produced on the long run.

The movie had lots to offer, every season saw great improvements making it more promising among other competitors.

The first season was

1. Tooms double-bill
2. Thing-like journey with Ice.

The movie X files is an american fictional drama which started as far back September 10, 1993 upto May 19, 2002. The drama series had over 9 seasons which included over 202 different episodes form each season.

The drama was re-invented by fox in 2017 by fox who announced that the drama will be returning with its 11th season and the movie started to premier at January 3, 2018.

The season 3 continued with Mulder and Scully separately and were replaced temporarily.

X Files wasn’t bad at all although it witnessed high and low points during its reign most especially during the early seasons and talking points too.

The X-Files has over 11 seasons which has now found its wasy to several cinemas. Recently the Blue ray was brought to the UK by Fox. It is hard right now to see the older season but you can still find them out in cinemas.

The X Files having Season 1-9 on Blue-Ray. Probably the season 8 was great.


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