The Upcoming Apple Event and Speculations


The upcoming apple event will be held in New York city. The company have already sent out invitations to some people.

For the upcoming apple event, the company has made different Logos of the company over a dozen of them for the event in New York city. The Apple event will held on october 30th from 10 AM Eastern Time.

Expected products include some new iPad and iPad Pro devices without bezzels but no Home Button on them. Apple is kind leaving out some regular features on its smartphones.

Another development from apple is that the new devices will have USB-C installed together with the current ports. But apple may use the two

The USB -C port has come to stay, USB is now used on several smartphones, home appliance, IoT devices and automobile. And apple is kind of swithcing to the USB-C revolution inorder to be on the same line with others Apple’s usual port is no longer popular as it was before with the emergence of USB offerring flexible and smooth operations.

Majority of the devices found on the tech market now incorporate USB as its main port for connections ranging from power packs, smartphone keyboard etc all using the USB-C port.

Most of the smartphone are using the USB Type-C except for Apple. I think the best thing is to switch to USB so that conneting with other devices using iPhones and iPads can be alot more easier.

But Apple’s intention is to use wireless connectors instead of USB connectors and that will be a bold step by Apple and could prove to be a major achievement if it becomes successful. But how is that going to work cosidering the money they’ve spent in converting from the old connectors to their current connectors.

But instead of abandoning their current connectors they are thinking of using USB C that is to say they going to use two connectors on the same device. Kind of strange but the october 30 event will decide.

One development that is laudable is the ability to install Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop on Macs and iPads
The event on october may see shocking announcements from Apple concerning Mac PCs and iPad devices and Apple has promised a Mac Pro PC next year.

Apple is kind of loosing shares to Chromebooks interms of education as Google has made efforts to provide learning environments on the Chromebook PCs.

Currently apple is loosing the education sector, Macbooks for education are more expensive than Chromebook PCs. And schools are considering Chromebook PCs because they are cheaper to buy dozens at a cheaper rate.

The apple event on october 30 may see new devices with new features.


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