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The Pros And Cons Of Auto Contacting 911 by Apple Series 4


The apple watch series 4 has a great feature that has changed the way some of our medical needs are taken care.

The watch series 4 has a feature that if unfortunately you fall down or slipped off a slippery surface, it will try to ask you if you are fine and if it dosen’t get any response from you, it will attempt to contact the 991 emergency line. Pretty much interesting feature, without a doubt.

This going be helpful to people that are in of such emergencies.

But what we still can’t figure out is how this can be an effective way of getting help from authorities.

Although, there is an amendment in the constitution that allows the corps to enter your home without an official warrant.

So the question is how the amendment in the fourth contitution relate’s to this.

This is like a voluntary way of contacting law enforcement agencies to come to your aid and on the other aspect of the watch 4, it is quite confusing to see a watch calling the authories to come to your aid.

I think if the law enforcement agencies come to your home and they found out that the reason you made the call was not really an emergency then you may get procecuted on that.

So how effective will the call on 911 by the Series Watch 4 be, and how is going to be carried out.

Okay, wearing a smartwatch that calls the 911 for you is seen as a voluntary way of calling the 911. This means the authorities can enter your home without a warrant.

The Pros

This feature has made it easier for anyone with an Apple series 4 smartwatch to call on the law enforcement agencies come to their aid during an emergency situation.

In cases of severe injury, accident, fire outbreak etc. Your smartwatch will assist in getting help for you.

The Cons

How will the outcome become if the law enforcement agencies go to a home and found no serious emergency, maybe the smartwatch can seized and the owner procecuted.

The thing is, anyone that require the help of 911 call on 911. And a call on 911 is seen as an emergency.

Also this has given the right to law enforcement agencies to enter your home without a warrant. Thus leading a privacy breach.

What we think is that, Setting up a default 911 call feature might cause problems with people using the watch and law enforcement agencies.

Although the feature has been reccomended by many, but the cons are more dangerous than the pros.

Technology in general has benefited us more dan causing more problems to us, but in this scenario the reverse seems to be the case.

We don’t know how to put it but this is going to put up more false alarm by people.

But i think the usual home security is kind of a better option than this. Like whenever an intruder breaks into your home, the alarm system make’s a loud noise.

But the concern is the issue of false alarm may increase massively.

Another worry is how the 911 will handle more emergencies related to smartwatch users


This feature by apple is a step in the right direction that hopefully could change people’s life. And the technology could be improved on and people may get used it and things may work fine.

But will need a much needed coperation between the authorities and the people using the Series 4 smartwatch which includes mor enlightenment by Apple.


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