The New MacMini, Best MacMini Ever


As apple finally unveiled the apple MacMini and the MacAir today, our focus is on the review of the latest gadget by apple. The two gadgets are looking like the most powerful iDevices currently available in the market. But what did we expect, we expected nothing but the best from apple after we saw microsoft and dell releasing their own, the competition isn

t over yet and it is expected to swing into 2019.


Apple has boosted that the two devices outperform older iDevices  with six core chips and an 8th generation core processor. Apple did look like they werent serious about the stiff competition.

The macMini has an intel UHD Graphics with a massive 64GB RAM to boost up your system memory performance, the storage of the MacMini looks better and improved. Certainly this looks great with a 2TB internal storage which is Solid State storage. Security in the MacMini looks more improve than before due to the use of the T2 Security Chips that enables encryption. But what else should we say about the new MacMini. Everythinhg looks improved and certainly it is the best MacMini ever except Apple may introduced an ew MaacMini that will suropass the current MacMini.



More Features

The MacMini has a 2.0 HDMI Port, and audio jack, two USB Type-A ports with a Gigabit ethernet connection. The new MacMini runs on macOS Mojave. The MacMini looks very perfect taking a look the features it has


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