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The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Jobs


Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Our Jobs

In the 20 century, employers were looking for the best skilled personnel in the field, and it was a problem for people to get job as lots of candidates take a queue to land those jobs.

Here in the 21st century the trends have changed, employers are now looking for best high tech solutions to carry out those jobs that humans were occupying.



In first world countries, some people have started loosing their jobs due to the advancement in Artificial Intelligence.

Job seeking is a normal way of like for every body in our society most especially students that have completed their years studing in the university or the polytechnic as the case may be.

Looking Deep

A student studying computer science or computer engineering spends over 4 years or more and acquires the much knowledge in school.

When computers were trending in companies and small businesses, the best skilled computer scientist or engineers were choosen to handle the jobs.


Employers had the whole time in the world to sought out the best hands and the best is choosen.

Now the trends are changing gradually in most countries like the high tech countries, the trend of artificial intellenge employee is increasing rapidly thereby threatening the human workforce.

Although in developing countries most especially those in africa are yet to experience such growing trend.

Artificial intelligence is now used in several fields of manufacturing, product or service rendering and more. In some companies robots are used to carry out most of the jobs ranging from assistant, speakers as well as digital assistants.


Recently artificial intelligence was used in some schools to prevent cheating by students or exam malpractices.

These AI devices are configured specially to carry various activities more and even faster than the human workforce.

In the future AI maybe considered in schools as teachers thus replacing the human teachers. And what that means is many people will loose their jobs.

AI came to save our lives by reducing the stress of labour but the consequences it has brought to our human existence can be much.

The Disadvantage

Arificial intelligence is making people loose their job and is increasing more in advanced first world countries.

In time comming some courses people study in the university could become obsolete that is to say as people roundup their courses the jobs they seek to get have already been occupied by AI robots.


Look at this, Car manufacturers produced hundreds of cars within a short period of time inorder to satisfy the growth want by potential customers. But with this, the human workforce cannot live up to produce such numbers within that short time.

But the AI robots that are configured for such job can do that hundreds within the shortest possible time only with the aid of little or no human assistance.

So what can people do to avert this growing trend of AI job threat?


The Advantage

Artificial Intelligence in real sense can change the state of an economy within the shortest time. The use of AI Can boost the economic growth of a country at a higher percentage.

The gap between developed countries and developing countries can be reduced if AI is used in developing countries. Manufacturing and other sectors can recieve a significant boost if these smaller countries employ the use of Artificial Intelligence.



The question is how possibile is that? We need to be fair, first world countries are on a steady growth due to several factors. But the developing countries are facing several issues preventing them from gaining stability.

The Hard Truth

Although Artificial Intelligence might be gaining strength gradually it still requires human with lots of technical talent or knowledge to keep up the pace. If people are not trained properly for AI then it might not work.

AI is here to stay and the jobs that may soon be on a high deman are AI jobs. People with sound knowledge will be recruited.


There should be a balance or else the consequences migth be worse. Governments or higher authories should strike a balance by initiating and implementing laws that will regulate the use of AI in industries so as to favour the human workforce.

If people loose their jobs, what do you expect them to do for themselves? Companies would want to use these AI machines for faster job done or faster work delivery at the expense of humans.

A balance should be created from now so to reduce the rate of AI job takeover.


Most people love tech and the beauty it has added to our human existence. In time past it was very difficult to pass a message across, but now the story has changed.

You can virtually do most task right in your bedroom. The tech we love is trying to outsmart us. AI is here to stay unless proven otherwise.

The use of AI is a threat to people jobs. And government organisation or high authority bodies should rise up to the occasion and implement laws that will bring about a balance.


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