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Tech News Today: Google Sorry, Chrome Moving On


Today’s Technology news roundup

1.Google Chrome To Release An Update For Windows 10 computers Next Year.

Google chrome has stated that they are considering a release of google chrome to windows 10 PC starting from next year.

The update will be made available through google chrome official page, so users interested can only download it from chrome official website and not from microsoft app store.

The update is special release for windows 10 PCs. All updates will commence from next year. – Tech

2. Tim Cook Told congress that Bloomberg was wrong about the spychip hack

Tim cook has officially told the US congress that Bloomberg was wrong about the spychip issue. – Tech

3. Microsoft Officially shuts down 6 websites connected to the election. This may not be unconnected with Microsoft efforts to safeguard information’s related to the elections. Also Microsoft has offered free tools for political organisation that use the office guard.

Microsoft is improving on its bid to work for a better democracy across boards- Tech

4. Google apologizes on YouTube outage last week. During the outage, several users across the world were unable to access contents on their favourite channels.

Google has given free credits to YouTube TV users.

5. The windows 10 update bugs has generated concerns from major tech enthusiast. They blame the bug on improper update implementation. Thus the update was stopped due to bugs.


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