Smsung Working On A Foldable Display Laptop


Samsung Working On Foldable Display Laptops

Samsung electronics looks like getting themselves everywhere, earlier we reported the companies move towards producing Batteries That Could Charge To The Fullest In 12 Minutes, a move seen as a testament to the growth and success of the company so far. This year, samsung has been seen as the busiest tech company focused on producing the best hardwares to its customers across the world.

But this time they are closely putting more efforts towards producing a Laptop with foldable displays. The news was captured from “Korea Herald” who stated the plans of the company towards producing the laptops for commercial use.

Samsung’s thinking and innovative strategies has been yielding more success for them on the long run ranging from series of partnership in telecommunication to promotion of Airtficial Intelligence based business solutions to its customers.

The laptop will have a foldable display, similar to lenovo’s foldable smartphone although its architecture is based on PCs. The company aims to improve the value they provide to their customers with every product they’ve got.

The competition in the gadget production world seems to be overshadowed by samsung’s super rush in 2018 and the comapny has promised more in 2019. Although the only place were samsung got some slacks was the laptop production. The company was mainly on its commercial 5G service in the US, the Galaxy smartphones of 2018 and the establishment of more AI centres across major cities in the world.

The laptop computer is a full sized notebook only with the difference of having a foldable display. The final conclusion on the product has not been made yet. It has not been made clear if the project will become a reality at the end. – Tech


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