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Easy Access On Your Android
Smartphone With Shorty

Easy access on your android smartphone is something great, think of it owning a smartphone with poor navigation, shortcuts is a no no. And owning a smartphone with easy shortcuts and navigation is a real deal. And what that means is you no longer need to goto settings or clicking on app icons before you access features on your phone.

That trend is too old fashioned and can never be productive for anyone in the 21st century. If you have better navigation and shortcuts trust me you can perform all your task alot more faster than usual.

Although there are thirdparty apps to assist you with this, but we are introducing shorty.

The app has beautiful icons that looks awsome on your smartphone. The app can do several task for you, browser your internal files, cloud etc.

The app is an easy way to make shortcuts on your android smartphone. Also you can access other files, cloud etc. You use Shorty to access the internet, log in cloud documents and access any file on your android smartphone.

Shorty is another way to make shortcuts look more easy and fun for you. Shorty can change your phone experience from the usual way to new look.

Exploring Shorty

Goto file explorer on your smartphone, long tap on the app you wish to use.

Note: Ensure shorty is already installed and running (Open).

On file explorer locate any app you like, then long tap it, click on the share icon to create a shortcut.

So whenever you wish create a shortcut you can follow the above instruction. Another good news is you can customize the look and feel of your apps, you can pin apps and tool directly to your home screen.

Shorty is an independent app but unknown to many, this app allows you do anything you swish to do with shortcuts. Our Honest review is, shorty is best and you should try it out. Head to

Google Play Store

, search for Shorty then install it.

Enjoy customising your smartphone with shorcuts just the way you like – Tech

Photo Credit: Google Play Store


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