Samsung Galaxy S10 is 4 Variant 5G Phone


Samsung’s busy schedule for the whole of 2018 isn’t a wast of time and resource. Indeed they have creative minds looking for meaningful opportunities to explore, looking at the score card of smartphone manufacturers in 2018, samsung is rated the best and the highest smartphone manufacturer in 2018 and they look to lead the course into 2019. The Galaxy S10 smartphone will likely come with a 5G network connectivity. The smartphone is expected to have four different variants with a memory of 4G RAM. Samsung’s improvement lately is currently seen as the shining light for the company’s success in 2018.

The Galaxy S10 is another big thing expected to hit the market by storm as soon as it is released. The new smartphone currently worked on by samsung is expected to feature a 5G technology which will surely boost users performance ranging from live video stream and audio stream as well as downloads.

The Galaxy S10 four different variants include,

Variant 1: 4GB RAM with 5.8 inch screen

Variant 2: 6GB RAM with 6.3 inch screen

Variant 3: 8GB RAM

Variant 4: 12GB RAM as well as 5G network connectivity.

Samsung currently covers the 5G network connectivity in the US and hopes to land the same technology on the Galaxy S10. 5G is gradually getting accepted worldwide as major telecom companies push for it.

Samsung’s super rush in 2018 will likely connect into 2019 as the company hope’s to become the leader in smartphone manufacturing.


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