Samsung Anti-Apple Ads Continues


Samsung Anti Apple Ads Continues

Samsung’s ongoing rift with Apple is generating more conccerns and is getting more intense. Samsung has continued its campaign against apple by running Ads known as Anti-apple ads mocking Apple iPhone flaws.

Some of the Ads where targeted at iPhone battery flwas. It has become an intense affair between the two companies.

Samsung isn’t resting on their Anti-Apple ads, recently they released ads showcasing the flaws found on the iPhone X smartphone.

We ain’t taking sides here but samsung is pointing out flaws found on iPhones which is not not bad at all for critics.

Let’s paint a picture of some Anti-Apple ads by samsung.

Some couple of days ago, samsung showcased an Ad about a village in the Netherlands, the village is known as Apple.

According the Ad, a team from samsung went to the village and distributed free samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones to the people residing there.

The team hired a teenager to carry out the campaign in the village which generated lots of reactions from the villagers.

The Ads were aimed at persuading people to buy samsung smartphones over Apple iPhones.

A drama in the making, this is a marketing venture by samsung inorder to draw more attention to their product. Not good for the industry, companies should work together instead of fighting each other.

Although this may raise competition as both companies would want to work on flaws spotted.
Photo: Macrumours


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