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Robbers At Apple Store Has Been Arrested


Robbers Of Apple Store Arrested.

Last two weeks, there was a case of robbery at apple stores in california and there was another case of robbery on an apple store.

This is not good to hear, but it is unfortunate that we hearing this right now. This is a series of robbery cases on apple stores in the US.

Some guys in groups were seen dressed up with mask invading the stores and taking out products showcased to the public.

The latest wev’ve got is that warrant were issued and we have been notified that arrest has already started today in over 19 counties.

According to Apple representatives, products worth a million dollars were stolen from the stores. The robbers got into the store and took away products they saw on display at the apple stores.

7 out the 17 culpruits have been arrested with the remaining stilll under investigation and arrest will be made as soon as they are caught.

Photo: Google Images


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