Playing Netflix When Phone Is Closed


Playing Netflix When Phone Is Closed on S8

Netflix movies are always interesting to watch most especially those on the family package. But ever thought of playing Netflix on minized window? Maybe no one has thought about that but i can tell you that, you can play your shows on netflix while your phone has been minized.

Sometimes you have stumbled upon a particular show an maybe you wanted to do something elsewhere and you are thinking of closing your phone so as to avoid disrupting the shows.

Its simple to do so, although this feature may not be found on all smartphones.

If you have media controls on your smartphone its so easy to play these shows when the phone is closed.

Step 1: Wait for the screen to lock.

Step 2: Wait for the media to stop playing.
Step 3: Now Press Play on the lock screen interface

With this you should be able to play netflix shows on a minized or closed phone


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