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Pay For Google Apps: Google Signals Phone Manufacturers


Pay For Google Apps. Google Signals Phone Manufacturers

Tech giants Google has made a call to smartphone manufacturers telling them to pay for licensing on the use of Google apps pre-installed on smartphones.

This move maybe seen as a counter attack by Google in response to the recent €3mln fine imposed on them by the EU.

The new decision is expected to cover smartphones within the EU and may not necessarily affect all manufactures across the world using google services.

Following the recent EU GDPR proposal, all move’s threatens google services like Google News, a popular high standard news aggregator service owned by google.

Following the EU proposal, snippets featured on google news will attract comissions to content owners and less revenue to google.

Google owns android, and Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system which is followed by Apple’s iOS. The new call by google will ensure that smartphone manufacturers within the EU will have to pay some licensing fees for using google apps.

The EU regulators saw it as an unfair advanyage to google reaping most of the benefits. Android operating system is open sourced with an alliance with several smartphones manufacturers.

The alliance known as Open Handset Alliance was created as a bond and cover for smartphone manufacturers that have choosen Android as its core operating system.

Indeed android deserves some accolades. It is a simple and stable operating system. Since Android was introduced, people are able to acquire smartphones at cheaper and affordable rates from manufacturers compared to Apple’s Iphones that are more expensive.

Although the price of some iPhones have reduced like the 2018 advanced iPhones.

What google mean’t by the call is smartphone manufacturers will require a license fee from them inorder to use Apps like Google Play Store, Gmail and Youtube.

Google has so dominated the mobile tech industry for years now owing to its acquision of Android OS. The competition in the mobile world is low compared to desktops and PCs.

Google has continously dominated the mobile operating system with Android. Nokia had its Symbain OS and S40 which later died. Microsoft mobile also crumbled

According to Google, the new decision will take effect from October 29th, 2018.


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