Palm Phone, The New Android Smartphone With Tiny Display


Palm The New Android Phone But Very Tiny Display

Palm has finally launched its very own smartphone running on the android platform. The company has finally taken android as its new operating system with smartphone known as Palm Phone.

Android has taken itself high above other mobile operating system seen as the popular target for most smartphone manufacturers. The android Palm Phone has a 3.3 inch display and has given exclusive right to verizon wireless.

This is not good to hear but all seems great. The smartphone should have been made open for everyone and what this means is that you’ll need to purchase an extra smartphone for other task.

This is sure a drawback for people but verizon wireless customers are more at an advantage. The new Android Palm Phone cost around $350.


1. The Palm Phone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo.

2. 3GB RAM

3. 3.3-inch display

4. Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor

5. With an internal storage worth 32GB

6. 800 mAh battery. (Quiet Small)

The size of the smartphone make’s it cool and classy as it slides into your pocket and fits perfectly on your palm.


Honestly speaking the smartphone isn’t bad at all. The 3.3 inch display looks good but the only drawback is the exclusive right verizon wireless has on it. You can check it out and see it for yourself.

The smartphone runs on android operating system (Oreo 8.1) and not the typical palmOS.


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