Our Camera Has Improved: OnePlus


Our Cameras are Okay Says OnePlus

Ahead of the OnePlus 6T launch, the top officials at the company has explained how good there cameras are. OnePlus known for its perfect hardwares with the goal of creating good smartphones at cheaper rate.

The company has worked so hard towards delivering clean softwares and powerful hardwares with greather performance to its customers.

Although there are still lapses on the cameras. Their entrance to the smartphone world was encouraging but the things they lacked was quality camera although this years OnePlus 6T witnessed and improvement in the camera performance.

Digital photography is currently on the rise as various manufacturers are putting more efforts towards improving the performance of their camera.

Our Views

If OnePlus wants to compete with others, then they should pay more attention to the cameras. These days people are more visual than before and no one would like to miss a moment without taking a picture of it.

Google Pixel 3 owing to its sharpness got a major boost on its cameras packaged by world class digital camera implementation by Google.

OnePlus seems to be lacking behind and alot of efforts are required if they are inline to compete.


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