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New Razer Phone 2, New Flagship For Gamers


New Razer Phone 2, New Experience For Gamers

Razer has just unveiled a new smartphone, The Razer smartphone 2 as a predecessor to the previous razer gaming smartphone.

Owning a smartphone optimized for gaming is real deal for everyone. This year Samsung unveiled the samsung note 9

Razer New Smartphone Launched with a New Logo

Razer unveiled the new gaming smartphone for the gaming community and geeks.

The best every gamer needs is gaming on the Go. A hardware that can fit on the palm everywhere you go and razer is trying its best to justify that.

Talking About the Razer Phone 2

Razer’s Phone last year was focused one gaming alone however this year’s version see’s a flagship gaming smartphone which has propelled Razer to be in line for the competitive mobile world in gaming and flagship.

The smartphone can be likened to the previous smartphone but it is not, this different piece of gaming smartphone.

More Details

The smartphone come’s with a glass back, like a mirror glass with a 16.8 million colour display.

The speakers of the new smartphone is even more smaller than its predecessor but more powerful.

The new innovation come’s with an IP67 water and dust resistance by increasing the speaker box making way for a resonance system incoporating a DOLBY Atmos support.

The Gaming Flagship has a Snapdragon 845 SoC processor with an 8GB RAM memory plus 64GB worth of expandable memory

The power section is great. It has a 4000mAh battery with a fast charge technology. This year Razer launch its own wireless charger shipped as an optional accessory.

The cooling system has been improved by creating a cooling chamber that allows heat dissipation.

This year the company promised gamers of Zero lagging during gameplay.

Digging Deep

The razer phone 2 has a 5.7inch LCD display with an 120 refresh rate.

The smartphone runs on Android 8 Oreo.


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