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New Intel Update, Duck Duck Go Assurance And Other Tech News Today


1. Radeon and Intel Graphics To Recieve New Updates.

Good news for gamers and game geeks, new updates will be hitting Radeon and Intel graphics plus security fixes to improve gaming experience, performance and compatibility for older games.

The new update is to ensure smooth operations and performance on the recent windows 10 2018 October update.

2. Apple iOS 12 reaches over 50% percent od devices.

Just after a month of the iOS12 arrival, the new operating system by Apple Inc has been running smooth and efficient for Mac users. Apple have already released a new update iOS 12.1:1 to fix some bugs.

Microsoft Experience some changes

The AI department of Microsoft has seen some changes owing to the recent removal of the head at the AI team. The changes include the movement of Cortana to Office.

Duck Duck Go Ensures More Protection For Users

Duck Duck Go has further promised it’s users of safety and data protection.

The search engine company has stated that it will not track users and users can conduct searches annonymously without being tracked.


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