New Desing For The 2018 iPad Pro


The 2018 iPad Pro come’s with a sophisticated design according to leaks we’ve got from some sources. According to the leaks, the 2018 iPad Pro has no notch compared to older models.

This year we’ve seen several changes from Apple ranging from the launch of it’s advanced iPhones and we also saw Apple’s decision on the discontinuation of the iPhone X smartphone.

The 2018 iPad Pro has equal bezels but no notch. The iPad Pro looks great and awsome for apple fans.

But we never expected to see an iPad without a notch. However apple took us by surprise. What do you think about the absence of the on the 2018 iPad Pro.

Apple took everyone by surprise this year with the release of it’s first ever advanced smartphones to the tech market space all at cheaper rates.

The smartphones iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR are expected to outsell other smartphones before the year come’s to an end.

The 2018 iPhones looked like an attempt by Apple to lure android smartphones users to buy iPhones.

Other News

Samsung to remove headphone jack on future samsung smartphones.

What this means is that all samsung future smartphones will no longer come with headphone jack but with a single USB Type-C port. This year the trend started with the @OnePlus6T Smartphone


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