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MYCRO Pocket Size Incredible Light


The new MYCRO small size LED ligth is a small light and pocket size rechargeable light suitable for your everyday use. The good thing about the ligth is on its size, the light can fit smoothly into your pocket and feels almost like nothing when in your palm

The LED rechageable lamp has a brightness that you cannot imaging of small sized light. The light can be recharged after use. The brightness of the light is high upto 400 lumens most especially in turbo mode.

Owning a light like MYCRO is a big deal for an ordinary citizen walking on the street. It feels more bogus to carry a torch as big as wherever you go, thereby creating more inconvenience for yourself.

The light is a 400 lumens brightness in Turbo Mode can spice up the moment for. No one will notice if you are with a light owing to its size and performance.

The light is seen as smallest but powerfull small sized lamp available compared to other lights. The light is more distinct from others due to its size and super brightness.

The light has 6 different lighting mode in full charge. Small enough but powerful in perfomance. The light can fit easily in your pocket and your thumb.

You can carry it wherever you go without noticing you are with a light. In case you are stuck in a place with no light, the MYCRO light can be called upon to take charge.

The light can be placed anywhere within you, either your wallet, purse, pocket, thumb etc.

The super light comes in different clour variants like Silver, Red and Black – PRN


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